Anjay Sharma

Realty Awards India

Realty Awards are a celebration of the achievements by professionals, companies and individuals operating in the infrastructure, construction, property and real estate sectors in India. These Awards are an encouragement to promote excellence in the Real Estate Sector and highlight the importance of customer satisfaction, quality, trust and timely deliver.

The awards are open for Real Estate Developers, Property Developers, Builders, Brokers and Property Consultants, Architects, Interior Designers, Project Management Consultants, Construction & Infrastructure Companies, Project Management & Landscape Consultants, Real estate allied service providers and manufacturers and many more. Under construction projects (more than 75% completed) can also enter these awards provided planning approval has been granted. Companies and professionals are free to nominate themselves in one or multiple categories.

This is mega platform which provides excellent networking opportunities to both participants and winners of the ceremony. It helps companies to grow their networks with the pioneers of real estate industry. Our Realty Awards identify and felicitate excellent work done by companies, professionals, manufacturers and service providers for Residential, Commercial, Township, Hospitality, Institutional and Environment Friendly Projects across the nation.
Realty awards not only appreciate them but motivate the entire team behind the success of their achievements. But before participation, applicants have to follow the eligibility criteria set by us.

Realty Awards are conducted at 5 Star Hotels in Delhi with more than 250 HNIs, businessmen and professionals from the real estate sector.

Nominations for Realty Awards 2018 are open now. For any suggestions and queries, feel free to contact us.